Owning a hex sticker

It seems that making hex stickers have become popular for R packages with the range of packages associated with RStudio. Therefore If you would like to own it, please try these approaches as shown below.

Powerpoint template for hexagon sticker

Powerpoint is a creative tool that can help you make any hex stickers you’re willing to. You can search some templates online and do extra additions. Using powerpoint to manipulate the image and create a semi-circular text, which will take a longer time than what you have hoped to get the hexagon shape right.

The biggest advantage of powerpoint templates is that provided you’re proficient in powerpoint, you’re sure to make a hex sticker.

Create hexagon sticker in R

hexSticker package can provide a series of pretty figures that are generated by base plot, lattice and ggplot2. It sounds that any R plot is able to be added to hexo stickers including the extra graphs certainly.

imgurl <- "./interactive.png"
hexSticker::sticker(imgurl, package="easyIVD", p_size=20, p_y = 1.5, 
                    s_x=1, s_y=.75, s_width=.5, filename="imgfile.png")


The advantage of hexSticker packages is that as it’s generated by R code, it’s easy to control each parameter simultaneously and has strong repeatability. Moreover it’s more convenient to share with others than powerpoint templates.

More detail configuration in ?hexSticker::sticker document.

Using R shiny

I think It’s a brilliant tool, and has a great prize in the 2020 RStudio Shiny Contest. Since I have tried it, I believe it’s the most convenient tool for making hex stickers. It has more detailed configurations and is so thoughtful and friendly.

You can specify hex name, image configurations, hexagon border, spotlight details and add url in the sticker, which I believe is enough for your personal design.

This tool is built by R shiny so you only need to access the web (https://connect.thinkr.fr/hexmake/) to begin designing your personalized sticker.

The home page is shown below:


After a series of configurations, my hex sticker completed and looks pretty and good. If you are also interested in it, please expand your brainstorming and make it become more creative.



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